Master of Pharmacy

Master of Pharmacy is a postgraduate Academic Degree which is awarded for a course or program in the medical field of Pharmacy. The duration of the degree is 2 years and divided into number of semesters. At the end of each semester, there is an examination wherein the candidates are examined the courses prescribed for that semester. Students are also required to submit thesis at the end of the last semester. Master degree in pharmacy provides a candidate with various practical aspects of the research methodologies, instrumental techniques, emerging areas and industrial operations. Candidates who have passed Bachelor of Pharmacy Programme with not less than 50% of marks, of any recognized University or any other Institute equivalent there to the University, are eligible for admission to the Master of Pharmacy Programme.

Programme Educational Objectives

Manufacturing: The student shall prepare drug product as per patient requirement which based on therapeutic activity PEO1 • Higher Education: The student shall continuously strive to expand his or her knowledge to maintain professional competence and also have been selected for higher education to demonstrate skills in monitoring of the National Health Programmes and research and development. • Quality Control: The student shell be able to perform the testing and validation of the manufactured dosage form and raw materials testing according to standard prescribed by Indian Pharmacopeia. • Management and marketing skill: The students are expected to be familiar process of purchase, maintain inventory and distribution with proper documentation to economic, professional issues, social behavioral and clinical sciences. • Pharmacy practices: The student shall read, write, speak, listen and use multimedia to communicate effectively with healthcare team and patients. • To develop leadership qualities effectively as a member of the health care team. Organized to deliver the health and family welfare services in existing socio-economic, political and cultural environment.

Programme Outcomes

Demonstrate knowledge of basic skills and techniques of drug manufacturing and development, drug design and Quality Assurance of Pharmaceutical products. • Develop self-learning skills, problem solving, critical thinking abilities and the ability to retrieve, evaluate and manage information in the literature • Be able to demonstrate the aptitude for higher learning students of Pharmacy and his/her research. • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic and clinical science of Pharmacy practices. • Implement the processes of compounding and dispensing medications by interpreting prescription orders and applying calculations. • Be able to actively participate in the processes of planning, budgeting, fiscal management, assessing outcomes, coordinating campus and community relations. • Be able to apply knowledge to discover new chemical entity for treatment of newer diseases and in patient care by influencing optimal drug choice and dosage through effective communication with health care providers and patients. • Demonstrate knowledge of the medicines, rational use of herbal supplements fundamentals of phytotherapy and the hazards of poisonous and abused natural products. • Be able to design and evaluate strategies in Pharmaceutical marketing, at National and International business and management. • Display legal, moral, ethical attitudes and consistent behaviors with the standards of the profession. • Demonstrate the ability of verbal communication and writing reports and to lead the team effectively.

SAC,Pharmacy Week, Cosmeceutical Conference

Auditorium, Girls Hostel, Boys Hostel, Canteen, Animal House, Instrument Lab, Library, Machine Room, Medicinal Garden

A grant for National Seminar has been Sanctioned by Department of Biotechnology (DBT) on “Immuno-Informatics”. The proposal has been submitted by Dr. UditaAgrawal& Dr. Ruchi Jain. Dr. UditaAgrawal has also been awarded with “ADINA-Young Scientist Award” by ADINA Group of Institutions, Sagar in ADINA Young Scientist Award Contest held on 05th March 2016 at VigyanBhawan Bhopal. Dr. Surendra Jain was invited as Resource Person in “International Conference on innovations in pharmaceutical Science” at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Pharmacy, Indore on 27th-28th Feb 2016. Dr. Udita Agrawal Awarded with young scientist award in MP young scientist congress held on 28 -29 Feb 2016 at Vigyan Bhawan, Bhopal